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Press Review
Un Patron Français en Chine - Our CEO Success


"Un patron francais en Chine" written by Axel Maugey with a preface of Yvon Gattaz

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Press Review about the book

Lettres du Monde
“I fully understand why Axel Maugey was willing to put forward such a character who is an example for the youth. He embodies those qualities that make gifted company leader.”


Le Moniteur du Commerce International
“Once we started this book, we can not stop read it”. “This book, where cultural aspects are emphasized, provides you the success keys to become a boss in Asia”.

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Valeurs Actuelles
“Success story of a French entrepreneur in the Empire of the Middle, this book spreads the vivifying air of a conquest of Far East.”

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Don't be afraid to conquer the world: it is roughly the message of this book. It tells the story of a French manager working for almost 20 years on the Asian market, which makes a lot of his colleagues dreaming. Claude Moreno is his name.

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La Tribune
“Let us indicate two small books rather intended for businessmen who have one eye on this market of more than one and a half billion souls. In the book " Un patron Français en Chine ", Axel Maugey tells Claude Moreno's story, a businessman "crack of marketing " and specialist of Asian markets.”

“Today a consultant, previously manager for Andros, actor of his own life and endowed with a touching personality, Claude Moreno will give you the “key points” to become a terrific boss in Asia.”

La Revue des Entreprises
“Bosses interest me, creators fascinate me, asserts Yvon Gattaz in its foreword to Axel Maugey's book. It is not surprising that Claude Moreno's story, French boss in China, seduced him.”

Le Press-Club Magazine
“A fascinating history of a man whose life is a novel in which fights, victories and lessons do not stop alternating.”

French Radio

France Inter
“No doubt that Claude Moreno, the business man described by the author, deserves what he built with a lot of tenacity.”

International Press
L'Express d'Outremont, Montreal
“With his easy writing style and on an enthusiastic tone, Axel Maugey describes us the events of a confirmed businessman, whose fluency in several languages is one of the keys of his success on the international level.”

Action “Canada France” – Revue de la Chambre de Commerce Français au Canada
“A gripping story, full of action, where you will discover a simple and generous man, culture of dialog and economies oriented.”

Press review about our CEO

" The mistake is to consider the Chinese market as homogeneous " analyzed Claude Moreno, CEO of the consulting firm Oriental Marketing Services."

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Vivre à l'étranger

"No question of tackling the Chinese market, more than 1.3 billion people, without a solid understanding of networks. "This is the foundation of any successful negotiation in Asia," said Claude Moreno, who made his stock in trade of this activity of consulting for companies in the Middle Empire. "

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L'essentiel du Management
“Based in Hong Kong, Claude Moreno, Director of Oriental Marketing Services, assists the French companies to settle in the Chinese market. His last success : last November, he managed to distribute the perfumes Charrier (one small French company of Vallauris, specialized in miniature boxes) in 58 duty-free shops. His advice? To succeed, first you need some “guanxi”, which means some relationships. And then, of course, you need a good product…”.


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"It is certainly true that franchising is the most successful way of getting a business started, but it is not easy and this is also true in China," said Moreno, a French citizen who has engaged in business for 23 years in Hong Kong, including three years as a franchise consultant.

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East weekend – One of China's famous newspaper










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