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Press Review
“Les tribulations d'un businessman Français en Chine ?
France Info –26 Feb. 2005

Born in Egypt, with a French passport, a Spanish name, a Greek grandfather and Turkish grandmother… Hard to be more “World citizen” than Claude Moreno. After his Master in Management at the Paris-Dauphine, it’s in Tokyo that he starts his career, Japan at only 25, 6 months after graduation.

Then, will follow a whole career in Asia: Taiwan and now Hong Kong, where Claude Moreno, become networking businessman, sets up his activity as consultant for French companies that China, just like him, fascinates. But we cannot cope with a market of more than 1.3 billion people, with such an impressive growth, so easily.

As he personally did, we must take time to catch all the sensitiveness and the culture of China. The small and squat man speaks incredibly fast. He only talks about business. However, he has been standing back since an accident in a small plane could have made him pass away, many years ago in France. What strikes him the most today is the fear of French companies to invest in China, though the country can’t help opening its doors to foreign companies. For example, the recent adhesion of Beijing to the WTO, World Trade Organization. Because the opportunities exist. From the experience of Claude Moreno ahs been written a book, “Un Patron Français en Chine” (A French Boss in China) by Axel Maugey, Lettres du Monde Editions, as his life can be read as a novel…


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